Windows 8 includes a very secure encryption service which allows its user to encrypt files and folders within few clicks. You are on the wrong way if you are thinking its BitLocker. Of course BitLocker is meant to secure files and folders on a Windows computer, but the encryption service about which we are talking here is not BitLocker and it is Encrypted File service which is also abbreviated as EFS. Let us now get to know more about this service in Windows 8. This service is exclusively meant for password protecting folders in some Windows computers such as Win 7, Windows XP and Win 8. By making use of this unique service it is possible for any Windows 8 user to encrypt folders in just few seconds. After gaining a little bit knowledge about this service now let us learn how to make the best use of this service. Just check out the steps below to know how to encrypt a folder in Windows 8 using EFS.

  • This technique is very simple. Start the process by right clicking on the folder that you want to encrypt. Then go to the properties option in it.
  • After this click on the General menu and later from this tab click "Advanced" to move to the next screen.
  • In the next screen you just have to check the box that appears before "Encrypt contents to secure data" option. Once you do this just hit "OK" and go to the next window.
  • Now Windows will query you whether you want to encrypt only a single folder or you want to encrypt all the subfolders. To confirm that you want to encrypt all the folders and subfolders you just have to click on the option "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files". Then simply hit "OK" to go ahead.
  • You will now observe that all your folders and subfolders have turned to green. This is an indication that the folders are encrypted. This is how folder encryption is carried out in Windows 8 using EFS.

An amazing technique to lock folders in iPhone:

Don’t worry much by thinking that if you lose your iPhone due to theft then the folders in it won’t remain secure. Just encrypt them before some undesired or unanticipated event takes place. Now must have question that how to encrypt a folder in iPhone. Relax!!! To password protect folders in iPhone here is something which is very simple. You need not to download any application from your iPhone apps store to carry out encryption of folders. What you need to do is you just have to follow few steps that are mentioned below so that you can easily encrypt folders in your iPhone.

  • This technique to lock folders in iPhone can be carried out by any iPhone user. Begin the process by tapping the "Settings" menu in your iPhone. Once you tap this, a window will come up from which you need to choose "General" option.
  • Then you need to proceed further by hitting the "Restrictions" option. Soon after you choose this option, just enable it. After completing these steps now you need to enter a master password to encrypt folders in your iPhone. That is all. In this way folders can be password protected in iPhone.

A very simple trick to encrypt flash drive folders:

Do you want to encrypt flash drive folder on a Windows computer? If yes, then here is a trick using which you can encrypt flash drive folder within some seconds. You never know when your flash drive may slip out of your pocket and therefore it is extremely important to secure the files and folders in it before you get confronted with such an undesired situation. So let us take a look at the steps that this technique involves

  • These steps must be followed in order to encrypt flash drive folders on a Windows system such as Windows 7. The process begins with the connecting of flash drive to the Windows 7 computer. As soon as you plug in your flash drive to the Windows 7 computer just right click on the drive and choose "Turn on BitLocker" option.
  • Then BitLocker will begin to initialize the flash drive. Once this process gets completed BitLocker will ask you to enter a password that you will use to unlock the drive. You can enter the PIN number of your smart card if you have the one.
  • After these, now BitLocker will prompt you to store a recovery key so that you can use it whenever you forget the password or lose your smart card.
  • Once you store the recovery key, BitLocker will ask you to start the encryption process. Begin the process and wait for some time until the process gets completed.
  • Once the process to encrypt folders gets completed you will get a confirmation dialog box.

Check out how you can encrypt folders in Mac Mountain Lion:

If you are a Mac Mountain Lion user who is in search of the best folder encryption tool then hold on. You don’t have to depend upon any third party app to password protect folders in Mac Mountain Lion. You can perform this task on your own! Yes, by applying various techniques you can encrypt any folder in your Mac computer. One of the various techniques to encrypt folders in Mac Mountain Lion is explained here. Just go through this technique and secure all your essential folders at ease.

  • First open your Mac Mountain Lion Disk Utility. Then hit the "File" option.
  • As you pull down File, you will find the "New" option. Just click on it. Then you have to choose the option of "Blank Disk Image" to move ahead.
  • After this now you need to choose your Mountain Lion drive where you have stored the folders to be encrypted. Soon after selecting the drive you will be prompted to choose an encryption option. At last after choosing an encryption option you just have to click on the "Create" and you have to set a good password to complete the encryption process.

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